Bio of a Space Tyrant: The Iron Maiden

The last book in the Space Tyrant series is a fair different from the rest of the series books. Its not written by Hope Hubris him self but written by his daughter Hopie and is really the biography of Hope's sister Spirit.

When Hope dies at the end of last book, there where a lot of loose ends. Hopie did get to know who her father and mother was, and no I'm not going to reveal that, you have to read the book.

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Bio of a Space Tyrant: Statesman

The fifth book in the Bio of a Space Tyrant is actually the last self biography book in the series. It covers the time from when Hope Hubris is dethroned from the position as the President of North Jupiter until his death.

The last book ended with Hope being kicked out of office from the position as the Tyrant of Jupiter. He was also exiled and take up the job of helping an old friend, admirall khukov at Saturn.

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Bio of a Space Tyrant: Executive

The fourth book in the series covers Hope Hubris time as the President of North Jupiter, or as many called him The Tyrant of Jupiter, until he gets dethroned and sent into exile.

After the problems of getting in to office, as Hope's archrival Toscin refused to yield power, he has to start reforming United States of Jupiters economic system as his power comes from the constitutional convention that apointed him the ultimate ruler.

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Bio of a Space Tyrant: Politician

The third book in the Space Tyrant series takes the story from the time when Hope and Spirit leaves the Jupiter navy and end when he becomes the President of North Jupiter.

When Hope and his family fled Callisto (in Refugee) he met hist first love, Helsie, but she was killed. A bit later his meets a Scientist on Io that has a niece called Megan that reassembles Helsie and one that Hope could love. When Hope's and Spirit's tour in the Jupiter Navy is over and they start in Hope's political career, they also approaches Megan and tells her that Hope intends to marry her.

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Bio of a Space Tyrant: Mercenary

Mercenary is the next book in the Bio of a Space Tyrant series. This book is the continuation of Hope Hubris selfwritten biography, and takes the story from the time when Hope enters the Jupiter Navy and until he leaves it to start his political career.

To get out if the refugee status and more or less slave labour work he had picking fruit and vegetables Hope becomes enlisted in the Jupiter Navy. He encounter a drug addict but brilliant mind in commander Repro, who has the dream of creating the best navy regiment of any time.

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Bio of a Space Tyrant: Refugee

This is the first book in the Bio of a Space Tyrant series. If starts Hope Hubris life story starting as a poor hispanic child on Callisto (the equivalent if todays Hispaniola). It begins with Hope and his 2 sisters being assaulted by a older Sion that tries to have his way with Hope's older sister Faith. When Hope humiliates the sion this sets in motion all that leads up the the rest of the series.

The book covers Hope's life from this point on until he manage to get to Jupiter. When his family decides to try to flee Callisto in a refugee bubble to get to Jupiter they encounters a lot of problem.

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Bio of a Space Tyrant

The series Bio of a Space Tyrant is a 6 book series revolving around Hope Hubris who starts its life as a poor hispanic refugee on the planet Callisto.

The series take place in the future of mankind when the invention of G-shield allowed mankind to go out and explore and colonise the solar system. The G-shield allows manipulation of the G-force and it can focus it to make bodies with less than normal G to be hospitable, and can disburse it to allow colonisation of even the large gas planets in the system.

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New blog theme

Long time ago I installed the blackandblue theme and have been quite happy with it. But its starting to be a bit old.

Among the shortcomings is that its locked to a fixed size, and its not at all responsive so on a pad or smartphone its not at all nice.

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tmux and clipboard

So you now have started to use tmux as a work tool. The next step you probably you will have a problem a with is clipboard integration.

Tmux has its own cut and paste buffet that you can use within tmux, and as long as you are within tmux you can cut and paste between different screens.

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