Bio of a Space Tyrant

The series Bio of a Space Tyrant is a 6 book series revolving around Hope Hubris who starts its life as a poor hispanic refugee on the planet Callisto.

The series take place in the future of mankind when the invention of G-shield allowed mankind to go out and explore and colonise the solar system. The G-shield allows manipulation of the G-force and it can focus it to make bodies with less than normal G to be hospitable, and can disburse it to allow colonisation of even the large gas planets in the system.

The first 5 books follows our main character, Hope Hubris and his family from the very humble beginnings, thou his rise in power in the Jupiter navy, and then thou his career as a politician on Jupiter. And the his following careers as the Tyrant of Jupiter and later the Tyrant of Space. The fifth book ends with his demise.

The last book in the series is basically the same history but from Hope Hubris’s sister Spirit.

The political scene is interesting as the old countries of Earth colonised different planets, so much of the old hostilities still lingers on. As en example, North Jupiter is USA, South Jupiter is South America and The Red Spot is Mexico. And North Saturn is Soviet Union (Remember that this series was written in the 80:th). This gives ample of opportunity to map current day (well from the 80:th) international conflicts into this Sci-Fi universe.

The 6 books in the series is:

  1. Refugee (1983)
  2. Mercenary (1984)
  3. Politician (1985)
  4. Executive (1985)
  5. Statesman (1986)
  6. The Iron Maiden (2001)


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