Playing with ipod and audiobooks

So you have an ipod and you have audiobooks. Me to. As i talked about erlier i listen to a lot of audiobooks and I am using audible for a lot of the books. So i have just listen to Larry Niven’s and Edward M. Lerner’s new book Fleet of Worlds. Great book. So it reborn my interest in the Known world SF and the Ringworld books. I did listen to the Ringworld and the other books years back and I have all the Ringworld books on tape. Not easily transferable to my ipod. So what to do. Well i usually don’t download stuff from piratebay and other torrent sites like that. But as I have the tapes and payed for it I don’t think its totally unfair to have it transfered to mp3’s.

So I downloaded it and have a nice mp3 set of the books – 70 files of it. Not ideal. I could ofcourse transfer them and make a playlist, but thats not ideal. One can use audacity to merge all the files to one big mp3. That would work to. But there are a problem with that to.

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