Fixing screen saver

Yesterday we had an interesting security workshop at work and we discussed different thing. One thing that came up was the problem of not locking you laptop/pc when leaving you desk.

We do have a policy that turns on the screensave and lock afetr 5 minutes, but there is a glap there. And I have also talked about when I'm using vnc to connect to my laptop from my iPad, I do turn on the lock when leaving the vnc session, but there is a problem with vmware and that it “steals” the lock and lock the virtual machine only, not the desktop.

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tmux and clipboard

So you now have started to use tmux as a work tool. The next step you probably you will have a problem a with is clipboard integration.

Tmux has its own cut and paste buffet that you can use within tmux, and as long as you are within tmux you can cut and paste between different screens.

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Bye bye screen, hello tmux

 For quite some time i have used screen from time to time. Screen is the gnu terminal multiplexor that allows you to start multiple terminal windows in a terminal session.

One of the main reasons for this is to be able to detach a number of terminals when running over a ssh session to one of our servers, logout, shutdown my computer and go home, and start up and reatach all the terminals once I am home. Its very convenient.

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Configuring exim on ubuntu 10.10 for use smarthost

 I had to get sendmail working on my ubuntu / well kubuntu installation today – well i actually didn’t need to configure that, but i hade to test some programs that should use smtp to forward mail to an external mailserver. And i ran this in wmvare. And then i found out that i never had configure that. Next part was that by default, ubuntu and kubuntu is using exim as the mailer, not the real sendmail system. So I thought that I should get it to work. Kind of out of the box.

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Adding nameserver to dhcp

 Today i came a cross a bit of a problem. At one of my customers im doing some testing on a lab system and needed to be patched into the labnetwork.

Its all handled by dhcp so thats ok, but for some strange network reason the dns lookup was very slow. So I needed to and another DHCP server to my /etc/resolv.conf. But this got overwritten as soon as the dhcp client got information again. So how do you fix that?

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Mysql replication fail

Today i had an interesting problem.

I have a customer that we have upgraded the running system and database server for. And we have used mysql replication to be able to do this with a minimum of downtime. So we have a spare server that we set up as a database server. Started replication to it – when it was running as is should we stopped the system totally – ended the replication and made that system the master. All well. Then we upgraded the old server with new os and new server software and did the same thing back.

And by misstake the system was writing some data to the new server while we still where replicating from the “old” or “temporary” datbase servern. And this ofcuase made the database replication to stop whit an error message.

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