EVE Incursion and Wine and pulseaudio

Last week has been – lets say – full of work. So after a long sleep in, in the morning, I decided to start up my old friend EVE. And I remembered that the on Tuesday the 21:th it is time for Incarna. So I read a bit about it on the forums and it seems that I needed to patch wine. But to be sure I started EVE on Sisi and downloaded the patch and tested.

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Fel lösenord

Eftersom detta förekommer en hel del så är det vär bara att skriva lite om det så folk förstår att det är fel.

Det kom ett spam idag och har kommit flera under helgen som har följande text:

Givetvis så är detta en spam.

Om man kollar länken – så går den endera till nåt som inte har med Visa/MasterCard eller så är det en förkortare som i mitt fall. Och varför skulle visa eller mastercard använda en förkortare.

Helt klart spam  så följ givetvis inte detta.



iphone in a linux world

So for some time ago, well its now almost 4 month ago, I decided to take the jump and start using IOS on a iphone 4. My old trusty palm tungsten was getting on the old side and it was time for something new. SO this series I start here will be a not of how to get it working on Linux and then the top applications I found necessary for me and my work. Continue reading

IPv6 Matrix Test results published for IPv6 Day

From ISOC England

LONDON – 8 June 2011

In preparation for the World IPv6 Day on 8th June 2011, the English
Chapter of the Internet Society has released the latest figures from its
IPv6 Matrix Project, showing the level of IPv6 connectivity amongst the
world’s 1 million busiest Web sites. A summary of those results can be
found in its latest report, freely downloadable from:

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Playing with Empire Avenue


A friend of mine showed me Empire Avenue (http://www.empireavenue.com/). This is partly a game, partly a social media aggregator, and a lot of fun. It works kind of like a Stockmarket for you and you blogs/facebook/twitter.

ANd the code here is fur them to upgdare my rss feed to a blog.

More will come later.