Sendmail and smarthost and authenticated submission on port 587

Today I came across a small and interesting thing. One of our customer have been upgrading from suse to centos, and that also changed the mailer from postfix to sendmail. I consider myself a quite skilled sendmail person but this was a new one.

The system itself is a dumb system and we should forward everyting to a smart host. But we need to do that over port 587 and authenticated.

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Firefox plugin Master Password+

As I have been using firefox to store relative sensitive informations (like certificates) there is a STRONG recommendation to turn on Master Password. This encrypts and secure the databases for firefox (and thunderbird) so that cookies, passwords and certificates and so is protected. And even of someone can hack into you computer they cant get to that information.

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IPv6 Matrix Test results published for IPv6 Day

From ISOC England

LONDON – 8 June 2011

In preparation for the World IPv6 Day on 8th June 2011, the English
Chapter of the Internet Society has released the latest figures from its
IPv6 Matrix Project, showing the level of IPv6 connectivity amongst the
world’s 1 million busiest Web sites. A summary of those results can be
found in its latest report, freely downloadable from:

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Playing with Empire Avenue


A friend of mine showed me Empire Avenue ( This is partly a game, partly a social media aggregator, and a lot of fun. It works kind of like a Stockmarket for you and you blogs/facebook/twitter.

ANd the code here is fur them to upgdare my rss feed to a blog.

More will come later.