Bio of a space tyrant finally on audible

Currently I am reading the Slavery war series by Ramon L. Weil. It’s quite a good series even if the reviews on the first book is bad out on the net. A lot of people complains about the big plot hole. What happens is that 2 astronauts heading to the moon finds a crashed old space ship on the moons surface. A bit later we find out that it’s from the federation of world. A federation of human world nearer the inner part of the galaxy.

So the big question is of use, where is this other human planets common from. And in the first book, you will not get any answer to this. But continue on in the series, it will see explained in the second book.

I’ll write a more fully and longer review of the full series in another blog post, when I have finished the full series.

The next thing now to read is the bio of a space tyrant serie.