Fixing screen saver

Yesterday we had an interesting security workshop at work and we discussed different thing. One thing that came up was the problem of not locking you laptop/pc when leaving you desk.

We do have a policy that turns on the screensave and lock afetr 5 minutes, but there is a glap there. And I have also talked about when I'm using vnc to connect to my laptop from my iPad, I do turn on the lock when leaving the vnc session, but there is a problem with vmware and that it “steals” the lock and lock the virtual machine only, not the desktop.

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Bye-bye iSSH, hello prompt

Before i upgraded to ios9 i was using iSSH app for when i needed ssh into a server. I'm not really doing to much work over ssh directly but is mostly using vnc (iTeleport) to get a screen copy and using my normal desktop in meetings and when im out and about.

But the x11vnx server has a small enoying bug. If you get disconnected for some network error there is a chanse that the server will hang in a state where it will not accept new connections.

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Uppgrading to IOS6

After a number of weeks that itunes has nagged me “There is a new version of IOS for you phone…” I decided to take the step and upgrade.

Upgrading with the itunes in virtualbox is a bit tricky as you reboot the device a few times and then virtual box looses the connection with the device and you have to “plug” it in again. Its not hard to do but you have to keep looking at it. And as I now had wifi enabled i decided to do it over that instead.

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