Vnc viewers on iPad

 Ok, so in the last post I described how to set up a VNC server so that you could connect to you desktop from another computer or a iPad. Now its time to tackle the iPad part.

As we have setup security so that you can only access the VNC viewer over an ssh tunnel, the apps that can handle that is a bit less. There are a ton of apps that will do normal VNC connections but only a few that will do vnc over ssh tunnels. The iSsh apps allows you to run a ssh tunnel in the background but only for 10 minutes (some ios app store restriction apparently) so you could use something else but not for a long time. So the 3 ones i found that does the job is:

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Remote control you PC from an ipad

 I have a laptop that I uses every day. But some time I would like sit in the sofa and do things on the computer, or perhaps be in a meeting at work in a conference room and look up something on my computer quickly. And that without having to carry around my computer all the time. And I always have my iPad with me, well most of the time any way. So I started to play with x11vnc that will give and vnc connection to me normal X terminal. And when I got a bluetoth keyboard to my ipad its even better.

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