Fixing screen saver

Yesterday we had an interesting security workshop at work and we discussed different thing. One thing that came up was the problem of not locking you laptop/pc when leaving you desk.

We do have a policy that turns on the screensave and lock afetr 5 minutes, but there is a glap there. And I have also talked about when I'm using vnc to connect to my laptop from my iPad, I do turn on the lock when leaving the vnc session, but there is a problem with vmware and that it “steals” the lock and lock the virtual machine only, not the desktop.

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Configuring exim on ubuntu 10.10 for use smarthost

 I had to get sendmail working on my ubuntu / well kubuntu installation today – well i actually didn’t need to configure that, but i hade to test some programs that should use smtp to forward mail to an external mailserver. And i ran this in wmvare. And then i found out that i never had configure that. Next part was that by default, ubuntu and kubuntu is using exim as the mailer, not the real sendmail system. So I thought that I should get it to work. Kind of out of the box.

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Firefox plugin Master Password+

As I have been using firefox to store relative sensitive informations (like certificates) there is a STRONG recommendation to turn on Master Password. This encrypts and secure the databases for firefox (and thunderbird) so that cookies, passwords and certificates and so is protected. And even of someone can hack into you computer they cant get to that information.

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