Upgrading wordpress

So last week i upgraded wordpress. I had a number of sites running 2.6 and the new 2.7 has been out for a while. So it was time for me to start doing this.

So what do you do when upgrading.


Well the first obvious thing is to make a backup. One of the sites is on our own servers and that’s not a problem. System backed up every night. Database backed up at the same time. For the other site that we are running for an organisation its not on our own servers so there is a bit more work.

First you have to back up the site itself. I prefer to use FileZilla – the ftp client and download all the files to a local directory on my hard drive. You can use any other ftp program or what suits you environment.

Next is to make sure you have a god backup of the database. There are plugins for doing this in wordpress, but if the things go totally down the drain i prefer to have a real database dump outside that. The hosting company supplies a special version of phpmyadmin. So just login there and do a dump and store that also locally and you should be ok.

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