Audible content in amaroc again, virtualbox to the rescue

Some time ago I wrote about getting my audible content into my ipod without using a window system. It was working fine until November last year and then it stoped working all together. No matter what I was doing and how i fiddled around with the settings, installed new programs or whatever i did. The files came down perfectly but I could not play them on my ipod.

What was happening (I think) is that audible has timed up with itunes for the ipod delivery and as the system is not seeing my ipod it defaults to remove the ipod from my device list after a while (some years or so). So the drm will not let me play it on my ipod. I was kind of crossed as I just bought 2 new books that was a continuation of a book i already read, and now I could not read (well listen) to them.

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Playing with ipod and audiobooks

So you have an ipod and you have audiobooks. Me to. As i talked about erlier i listen to a lot of audiobooks and I am using audible for a lot of the books. So i have just listen to Larry Niven’s and Edward M. Lerner’s new book Fleet of Worlds. Great book. So it reborn my interest in the Known world SF and the Ringworld books. I did listen to the Ringworld and the other books years back and I have all the Ringworld books on tape. Not easily transferable to my ipod. So what to do. Well i usually don’t download stuff from piratebay and other torrent sites like that. But as I have the tapes and payed for it I don’t think its totally unfair to have it transfered to mp3’s.

So I downloaded it and have a nice mp3 set of the books – 70 files of it. Not ideal. I could ofcourse transfer them and make a playlist, but thats not ideal. One can use audacity to merge all the files to one big mp3. That would work to. But there are a problem with that to.

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Linux and Audible

As this dont work for me any more I have a new entry about how to use Virtualbox to convert and listen to audible content here.

Summer time and reading is a god combination. As some of you know that knows me I do a lot of reading but I do most of it as Audio Books. I have for many years done quite some travelling and sitting and driving for a long time requires something to do. And I listen to Audio books. And preferable Science Fiction. I also listen to quite a lot of Pod Cast, both in general interest like the Weekly Science News and some for more specific interest, like the EVE pod cast for the EVE-Online game.

And I have already talked erlier about my set-up of Amarok so that it would handle my ipod and download my music and pod cast to that. No Problems.

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Mysql, amarok and ipod – Moving over part 4

So it is time to get the last bits over from the old machine. To make the search indexes happy the new machine is an acer aspire 8920g, OS is kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron and my ipod is and apple ipod video 60 gb and i think they say its a iPod (5th generation).

As a lot of you know I have had some change in my personal life, so I did this work the 1:th but haven’t had time to publish it. So thats why the date is perhapes a bit missleading.

I think now its 3 major things I need to get over:

  • amarok and my music and connection to my ipod.
  • my palm and syncing the palm
  • the mobile network setting is have as a backup if networks fails.

And today we will do the amarok.

Amarok is the preferred music program that plays my mp3’s and more important it handles all my pod casts and downloads them and transfers them to my ipod. So the first thing is to get Amarok going. But to get that going I have to get the mysql databases over from the old machine.

I have already transferred over all my music collection. But amarok keeps the podcast in its own directory. And it also uses mysql and a database for ll the music collection data. Well amarok can be configured in a number fo ways but as I am using the mysql-database for other things I can as well use it for amarok.

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