Fist victim in Skype/Microsoft take over

Well there has been a lot of discussion about Microsoft take over of Skype. Will it end the Linux part of skype, and wjat will it do for the Open Source world that isn’t running windows.

Well in the rss feed today was a story about Skype for Asterisk. I have not used it myself but I did know it was there, and it was a nice feature that we have discussed to include in our pbx, but not come around to do it.

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Asterisk on ubuntu

So I do a lot of work on SIP, IP-Telephony and Asterisk. Yes. Have been working for an international SIP phone company for quite some time and built up a distributed, resilient network and servers for operating their ATA residential business (ATA is short for Analog Telephony Adapter) offerings. That is build up by combining both a lot of open source systems. Mysql for database ofcuase. Asterisk as the main telephony system. OpenSIP (previously known as OpenSER or just SER) and so on. So I wanted to play a bit with Asterisk on my home server, not on my laptop. So I decided to install asterisk. The OS is the same as I have on my laptop its Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron on a Lenovo. Its a Intel Dual Core 2.2. Ghz with 1 gb of memory – not the greatest machine in the world but ok for me.

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