Configuring exim on ubuntu 10.10 for use smarthost

 I had to get sendmail working on my ubuntu / well kubuntu installation today – well i actually didn’t need to configure that, but i hade to test some programs that should use smtp to forward mail to an external mailserver. And i ran this in wmvare. And then i found out that i never had configure that. Next part was that by default, ubuntu and kubuntu is using exim as the mailer, not the real sendmail system. So I thought that I should get it to work. Kind of out of the box.

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Sendmail and smarthost and authenticated submission on port 587

Today I came across a small and interesting thing. One of our customer have been upgrading from suse to centos, and that also changed the mailer from postfix to sendmail. I consider myself a quite skilled sendmail person but this was a new one.

The system itself is a dumb system and we should forward everyting to a smart host. But we need to do that over port 587 and authenticated.

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iphone in a linux world

So for some time ago, well its now almost 4 month ago, I decided to take the jump and start using IOS on a iphone 4. My old trusty palm tungsten was getting on the old side and it was time for something new. SO this series I start here will be a not of how to get it working on Linux and then the top applications I found necessary for me and my work. Continue reading

Playing with ipod and audiobooks

So you have an ipod and you have audiobooks. Me to. As i talked about erlier i listen to a lot of audiobooks and I am using audible for a lot of the books. So i have just listen to Larry Niven’s and Edward M. Lerner’s new book Fleet of Worlds. Great book. So it reborn my interest in the Known world SF and the Ringworld books. I did listen to the Ringworld and the other books years back and I have all the Ringworld books on tape. Not easily transferable to my ipod. So what to do. Well i usually don’t download stuff from piratebay and other torrent sites like that. But as I have the tapes and payed for it I don’t think its totally unfair to have it transfered to mp3’s.

So I downloaded it and have a nice mp3 set of the books – 70 files of it. Not ideal. I could ofcourse transfer them and make a playlist, but thats not ideal. One can use audacity to merge all the files to one big mp3. That would work to. But there are a problem with that to.

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