Bio of a Space Tyrant: The Iron Maiden

The last book in the Space Tyrant series is a fair different from the rest of the series books. Its not written by Hope Hubris him self but written by his daughter Hopie and is really the biography of Hope's sister Spirit.

When Hope dies at the end of last book, there where a lot of loose ends. Hopie did get to know who her father and mother was, and no I'm not going to reveal that, you have to read the book.

So this book follows much of what we already have gone throu in Hope's biography, but this time we will hear it from Spirit's point of view. It all started way back on Callisto, and we will follow her and how she got her famous finger wip.

And the storie continues thru the exodus from Callisto, and all the horrendous experiences they had on the trip towards Jupiter. When Hope and Spirit had to split we this time will follow Spirit's adventures among the Pirates, until she can rejoin Hope and joint the navy.

We will continue and follow the carrier of Hope as he climbs the navy and then the political scene, but all the time this time, throu Spirit's eyes. We will experience part of the storie that we never before heard, just had glimpses of.

The story this time don't end at Hope's death, but continues. We experience his funeral, and the extended family's farewell, as well as the new exodus on the first expedition to the stars.


This book, also from audible, is much newer than the rest of the series, and even if we already have known almost all the story, this way we will get another side of the story.

Basil Sands is doing an excellent narrative here again and you gets carried away. As its not as much new stuff I'll give this a 4.5 rating, but it's defenetly worth the read, or listen.



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