Promenad och riktig bok

 I går startade jag med att försöka patcha upp min eve så att jag kunde få spelet att fungera. Men efter att ha försökt ett antal olika varianter gav jag upp och åkte ned på stan och promenerade lite i Gamla Stan. Jag hade som plan bland annat att se vad hela Filmserien med StarWtrek filer kostade på SF bokhandeln så jag kunde jämföra med CD-On och vad dom tar.

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EVE Patch hell

 On tuesday we got a new release  of EVE. Its the Crucible 1.5 patch and among other things it consists of a new launcher that will take care of all pathcing and so on before you launched the eve client. Sounds good, but thank good I started some really long skill training because it totally stopped me from being able to play eve.

I will spend the weekend now on upgrading to the latest version of Wine and see if I can get it to work.


EVE Incursion and Wine and pulseaudio

Last week has been – lets say – full of work. So after a long sleep in, in the morning, I decided to start up my old friend EVE. And I remembered that the on Tuesday the 21:th it is time for Incarna. So I read a bit about it on the forums and it seems that I needed to patch wine. But to be sure I started EVE on Sisi and downloaded the patch and tested.

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Upgrade to Kubntu Karmic (9.10) from 8.04 – Part 3 – Wine and EVE Online and pulseaudio

So the next item on the upgrade list is to get sound and wine to work. Yes – I’m kind of addicted to EVE Online and i have to get that work.

In the old system I had pulseaudio to work. I really like that as it handles multiple input and outputs and you can even adjust volumes and individual applications. So its a really god system. In the old system (8.04) it worked very well, but tended to hang some times, and I had to kill the pulseaudion daemon and restart it from time to time.

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I got ganked in Empire

It has been an expensive weekend in EVE.

First it started out on saturdays that we needed to transport a tower down to our new place in Fountain. I logged on my alt in our transport Corp. Checkd and good – no wardecs or anything so that should be safe to travle in empire.

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NIX EVE Meetup in London 2009-09-12

On Saturday it was time for the London meet up of my online corporation NIX (Phoenix Industries). We have been talking about meeting up quite some time and now it was finally time.

I trawled to London earlier in the week so i was kind of in place at our office out in Harlow already but Wollarie was coming in from Germany in the morning and Lasha was travelling down from the Midlands in the morning to. And I took a train in. We were supposed to meed with Blan and Alexej also but they got IRL things to take care of and as usuall the IRL business has to take precedence over internet spaceship.

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Wine 1.22

So yesterday the new version of Wine (the windows emulator for Linux) came out. I have not had very much problems with the old version 1.21, the only problem is that the autopatcher for new versions of EVE-Online did not work. And one person has reported that the only thing that was wrong with that was that the code was trying to call a function for setting the priority of the download and that was not implemented in Wine so the call returned an error and the download failed.

But he fixed that, wrote a small stub function that only returns OK, and that is now included in the 1.22 version so I would liked to have that going.

So i let the upgrade program do it works and had wine 1.22 running in no time.

Started up eve and “Oh No” – when I was inside the station i only had a black screen – no interior at all. So out in space and my show is permanently cloaked – even for me 🙁

So reading a bit in the forum it seems that this is a bug in the ATI driver and there is a patch for it, and apparently it should work on Nvidia cards. It might be the fact that i am running a bit old version of the Nvidia drivers. I am running the 169.12 version and the new version that is out is 180.51 so perhaps it is time to think of upgrading that, but as i am about to upgrade the whole system (I don’t like it and don’t have the time, but have to eventually) to the new version 9.04, I think I will do it then.

So now I need to downgrade to version 1.21 to have my game going as I whant it. I can live with the fact that I have to download the patches manually.

Downgrading wine

First i need to download the old version. You just go into the link on the wne HQ page and go to the Ubuntu pages and the old archives (here) and download the old version (1.21).

Then you install that with dpkg:

Next thing you need to do is to lock the version. if you dont do that the system will upgrade wine next time you run the upgrade program. And you do that with:

And if you as me have Synaptic package manager installed, you can go in there and lock the version also.

This now get me a god working wine that pays my eve, and I have to live with the not working autopatcher for now.