Mediatomb to Pioneer BDP-440

Yesterday i got my new BluRay player. I got a Pioneer BDP-440 BlueRay player. And as it is suposed to play video from a DLNA server I wanted to install and get that going also.

So I did some search on the networks and after some reading it seems that one of the most used and the one I liked the most was Mediatomb.

I installed it and got it running. Thats verys imple on kubuntu as its in the repositories. Just do a

and you are ok.

The fist thing to fix was the networks route. DLNA is a multicast service, so you need to setup that to.

The setup script /etc/default/mediatomb contains information about this but needs to be edited. You have to edit the line with INTERFACE to include the network interface to enable it to add the multicast route. Here is my line:


Then I could see the media server on my BlueRay player.

Slow navigation and no pause

When I started to use it I found out another anoying feature or bug. When I navigated, and went from one episode to another it took like 2 minutes until the blueray player accepted my second key-press. Some kind of cashing or so was going on. And when plyaing a file I also could not pause and start again. Very annoying.

But fiddling a bit with the config made it working. I had to change the config.xml file in /etc/mediatomb and I added the following lines below the protocolInfo line – and yes you have to change the no to yes on that one to.

And now it works like a charm.

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