Chrome no sound after upgrading alsa

 After the last upgrade of EVE i have been playing without sound. Aparently I need a version fo Alsa-plugins that is bigger than version 1.0.24.

So i was googleing and found a nice upgrade script here that should do some of the tricks.

Unfortunately it wont compile on my system, I get an error. So I tried the 1.0.24 to see if that helped. But not very much.

But it installed and all wokred well. Except for one thing. No sound when I was trying to play a video on YouTube from Firefox or chrome. It was a bit disturbing because I did not even see a stream in the pulsaaudio controll panel.

After some more googeling and found out that the system was missing the file /etc/asound.conf

Pulseaudio tried to take complete control over all sound and it lockes the alsa sound devices. And wants to get “old” programs to rout the sound through it instead.

But to do that the /etc/asound.conf must be there and have the right information. create the file and adding the following information in it solved the problem.

Save it and restart the system and it all works.

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