Getting tmux to be more like screen

 Last time I talked about switching from screen to tmux.

However the default settings for tmux is that the command key is <CTRL> + b and thats not what you are used to from screen. There is a simple way of changing that by createing/editing you .tmux.conf file.

When tmux starts it reads the file .tmux.conf from you home directory.

To configure it to use <CTRL>+A for commad you add the folowing lines to it:

The first line if a comment, and the second one (set -g prefix C-a) is the line that specify for tmux that <CTRL>+A is the commamd key.

The third line unset the Commad + B (CTRL + B 2 times)  key that usually send a control b to the windows.

And the forth line binds Command +A to times to send a Ctrl A to the command running.

If you now starts tmux you have Ctrl + A as the command key.


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