Firefox 5 and ask to save when close and app tabs

As I just said I have switched to Firefox 5 and is quite happy with it. But there are some small things one has to do to get it to work as I want.

One thing is that it wont ask me to save all the tabs if you close it down (and I thing it when you close it down with the x not the file->exit menu).

And you can get around this by fixing some settings:

  1. Type about:config into the location bar and press enter
  2. Accept the warning message that appears, you will be taken to a list of preferences
  3. Locate the preference browser.tabs.warnOnClose, if its value is set to false, double-click on it to change its value to true
  4. Repeat this for these 2 preferences browser.warnOnQuit, browser.warnOnRestart
  5. Also do this for browser.showQuitWarning

This fixed it for me and now I get the close warning as I think I should.

App Tabs

There is also a cool new feature called app tabs. App Tabs allow you to always keep your favorite web apps like Facebook, Gmail and Twitter open and just a click away. App Tabs are small, can’t be closed accidentally and open automatically when you start Firefox.

How do I set one up?

Right-click on the tab you want to turn into an App Tab and select Pin as App Tab from the menu.

How are App Tabs different than normal tabs?

  • App Tabs are small – only showing the site’s icon, not its title – and they live on the left side of the Tab Strip
  • App Tabs don’t have a close button so you can’t accidentally close them.
    • You can still close them by right-clicking on them and selecting Close Tab from the menu.
  • App Tabs notify you with a blue highlight when they change.
    • If you have Gmail set as an App Tab, for example, and you are using a different tab when a new email is received, your Gmail tab will glow.
  • All of the App Tabs you have set when you close Firefox will open as App Tabs when you start Firefox again.
  • Links to other websites open in a new tab so that your App Tab doesn’t change.
    • Many web apps, like Facebook, already do this but an App Tab will make this happen even when the website isn’t set to do it.

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