Installing google earth in kubuntu 10.10

Yesterday I was going to look at google earth to check a thing, and found out that I had not installed it since i moved up to the new version of kubuntu.

So I went into the system and did a apt-get install googleearth. That did not work. Did some extra checks and found that I did not have it in the repositories.

So i checked a bit more and found that there is a package called ‘googleearth-package‘. That will help you make a deb file so that you can install it.

Well it was not that easy.

First you need to get the i32-libs if you are on a 64 bits system

Then you need the lsb-core package to get the standard linux system base

And then you probably want the gdebi package to install it with that will install dependencies also.

So now its time to install the google earth build package

And then you can build you google earth package with

If you now do a ls in that directory you can see that you have a .deb file. In my case googleearth_6.0.3.2197+0.5.7-1_amd64.deb.

So you can now install that with gdebi

And now you should be able to run google earth.

If you like me had an old installation and want to transfer over that, copy the .googleearth directory before you start google earth

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