Patch hell solved

 Well after quite som time, testing, experimenting I have got my loved EVE back going again. It took quite some work but here is my way of getting Crucible 1.5.2 running under wine.

First – you need a 1.4 version of wine.

So i removed my old version, downloaded and installed the lastes one from wine ppa. A small not – the latest one is called wine1.3 but is actually 1.4.

Then you need to start a new wine install. Move you old wine directory aside (you will copy the game clients back later on)

Install – with winetricks

Download and install xml parser from here

And install it with

make shure you get wine set to be XP – ie8 install will not work without this (this is actually mostly needed for my StarTrek Online but also gave me sound back – in Startrek Online)

To get pathing work you have to set the following librarirs to native, builtin and to run you have to set them back to builtin, native (a bit of pain, but it works)

Now move back your CCP directory with all the clients:

You should now be able to run you client (after changing librarirs with winecfg of course).

Happy playing


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