STO Season 7 – Mol’Rihan – Vastam Peaks

So you have done all you can in the Staging area and its time to head out into the vast wilderness of Mol’Rihan, or New  Romulus. Usually the next area you will get a mission in is the “Vastam Peaks“.

If you have done the “New Romulus Transportation System” mission you can just transport there, but if not. Make sure you get that missions (at the main transport in the staging area) before you head out.

If you need to go there, head to the south east out of the Staging area and follow the path until you get there. You will get past a turn down to the left down to The Atlai but thats a later post.

When you get there you will see the little camp, where Subcomander Avran willl give you the daily mission to help out in Vastran Peaks.

You will probably get a mission that involves repelling the pesky little insects. And if you haven’t got a insect repellent, there is a crate next to Avran that contains them.

So you locate a insect swarm, go next to it (not to close – they bite) and then use the repellent to spray them. And they will go away and you get completion % for that (i get about 4% for one swarm.

The rest of the mission is to help confused romulans, gather rock samples, maintain security and sometimes examine strange objects.

help confused romulans

Round Vastram Peaks there are some confused romulans that needs help. Unfortunatly, most of the time you will see a Devan Arthropod next to them and you will have to kill them first before you can help the romulan.

gather rock samples

There are 2 geoligists that needs help in the area, one next to avran in the first camp, and another one in the camp a bit northeast up on the plain a bit. And here you can hand in rock samples. There are 3 different kinds: feldspar, crystal and geode samples. And as usual, if you hand in one of each at the same time you will get more bonus.

maintain security

There are also suspect romulans around that will attack you and you have to kill them. If you are interested in killing stuff, it seems that most suspect ones are way up in the mountains, so go all the way up to the east or north east to find them.

examine strange objects

There are other stands objects around, that you have to scan. Just as usual, walk up to it and scan the object.

Other things here

Other things to do in this area is the Romulan Rock Analyst. He will ask you to gather resonating rocks all around new romulus, and hand them in, 10 at the time. For this you will get 1 mark. Not that much, but gather them when you find then,

And as in all placed, you can see the areas that needs Radiophysicist scanning. So make sure to do that to and when you got more than 300 radiation samples turn that in to the Romulan Radiophysicist in the staging area.



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