STO Season 7 – Mol’Rihan – Staging area

So you have managed to get to Mol’Rihan or new Romulus in the Tau Dewa sector block.

When you transport down to the planet for the first time you will get a nice cut scene describing a bit what is happening here and what needs to be done.

First thing you should do is to talk to Admiral Valoth (for feds) and Genral K’vera (for klingons). These will give you more information and then guide you to Foreman Kylor.

He is on the furthermost part of the transport platoform where you beam in. After another Cutscene he will have 2 missions for you.

First is the “Beginning of a New Future” and then the “Help in Stagin area” missions.

The Beginning of a New Future is basically wraparound mission to go and help in 4 different areas. The Staging area, Vastam Peaks, Paehhos Crate and Hwael Ruins. But today I will focus on the Staging Area. And what you can find there.

First thing you should do when you get here is to get the mission from Foreman Kylor. That would be to help out in the Staging area. Usually that means that you have to repel insects, at least some times. Sightly to the right when you get in to the staging area, you will find a romulan scientist that will explain a bit about the insects and provide you with the insects repellent that you need to get rid of the pesky little things. Put that into one of you slots and go nere them and use it. Keep it while you are at romulus as you will get this kind of mission a lot.

The next 4 things you do is to motivate romulan workers, repair equipment and talk to suspicious peoples (they can actually attack you some time). Last thing to do is to gather reports.

Motivate romulan workers.

Basically you just walk up to them and talk to them and that will motivate them. You can see that you % completed will go up as you do this.

Repair equipment

A lot of equipment needs to be repaired, and you just move next to a thing that needs to be repaired and do the repair. A small tip, there is 4 or 5 repair things that you can do on the big romulan shuttle in the middle of the area and that will help get you a lot of compleation % quickly. You can use scan area to see where the next thing is.

Talk to suspicious people

This is just another variant on the talk to people thing to do. Walk up to them and talk to them. In some case they are agents of Tal Shiar (i think) and they will then attack you.

Gather reports

Next to the Romulan Radiophysicist, just in the beginning of the staging area when you walk into it from the transport area, you will find the Roumlan Overseer that you can interact with when you have the help in the staging area mission. This one will ask you to gather reports (scientific, medical and engineering) that are shattered around the area. Pick them up and bring them back to the romulan overseer. If you gather one of each yo will get the best rewards, but you can hand them in individually.

This is all about the mission.

More things to do in the staging area

When you have time you should get to the Romulan Radiophysicist. Just to the right, in the beginning of the staging area. There you can try out the new radioactive scan that you can do around new romulus, but without any rewards. And hand in the radiation report when you have done real scans around Mol’Rihan. Remember, handing in 300 at the time gives most marks.

Another thing to do here is the Romulan Historian. He is just south of the big shuttle in the middle of the area. You can get a DOFF mission here that will give you Romlulan Historian  Datachip.

And one more important thing is the vendor. Just very near to the Radiophysicist you will see the vendor. There you can stuff (among other things you need to complete the reputation tasks, like major regenerator and large hypos).

I think this covers most of the staging area. perhaps one should mention the Warehouse Alpha-2 that is the first instance that the reputation system will unlock and where you will have another daily mission to do.

And to the north you have the entry to the fleet embassy.

Thats about it for the Staging Area. Next post will be about the Vastam Peaks,

2 thoughts on “STO Season 7 – Mol’Rihan – Staging area

  1. I unlocked tier 1 and already started tier 2 and the alpha warehouse still says I have to complete tier 1. I sent a note to tech support several times but nothing…this new tier system sucks anyway because after all the time and money spent you still have to spend a ton of money to unlock items that still aren’t as good as my very rare so…what gives with the alpha ware house still not letting me in?

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