Uppgrading to IOS6

After a number of weeks that itunes has nagged me “There is a new version of IOS for you phone…” I decided to take the step and upgrade.

Upgrading with the itunes in virtualbox is a bit tricky as you reboot the device a few times and then virtual box looses the connection with the device and you have to “plug” it in again. Its not hard to do but you have to keep looking at it. And as I now had wifi enabled i decided to do it over that instead.

I decided to test it all on my ipad first. As the only thing I had on the ipad was a number of applications and that you always could get back, so here we go.

So you go into Settings app, click on the general settings and then Software upgrade. Do I have to say that you should have a backup first 🙂

The let the upgrade go ahead, after some downloading, verifying and uppacking the system comes back up with IOS6 and you have to answer a few questions.

After the upgrade itunes offers to download a few “FREE” apps for you like “Find my iphone” and the new podcast reader, and a few others.

As there are a lot of comments about the podcast reader and problems, like you cant have play-lists, I decided not to down load this. The only downside to this as far as I have managed to read up on is that you cant subscribe to new podcasts on the ipd/iphone itself if you don’t have the podcats app installed. But as i always do that through the itunes program its not a big issue for me.

So I only installed the new “Find my iphone” app.

And all is well. As far as I can see all my apps are working and not problems so far. The only thing I noticed is that you get a new set of permissions apparently, so you have to answer yes to the question “Do you want to allow app XXX to use location/image library…” .

Time for the iphone

As all was ok with the upgrade on the ipad i then did the iphone. Almost the same thing happened there, upgrade went ok. Did not install all the free apps.

The only thing i notised so far is that they changed the Date selecting. now you have it in the real swedish way (date, month, year) but before you had year, month date. And that was more normal as you changed the date more than the month and year, but I can live with that.


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