Taking the plunch, going to ios9

There has been a lot of diskussions on the net of upgrading to ios9 or not. I did stay away from the first upgdare, but as the new version (9.0.2) came out this week i was thinking that its perhapes time to do the upgrade now.

So i started on sunday morning, doing a backup to iCloud first and then went on with it.

And the update seemd to go well, without any problem.

So I started to check the important programs I'm using every day. The Informat (my calendar, task, notes program) started without any problem. Andd as you can see here, bloggsy works as well. Mail started up without any problemt.

And my iTeleport (the vnc viewer) was also doing as it should. So more or less, I did not have any problems upgrading.

On monday I did discover a bit of a problem with iSSH, my ssh program that im using to get a ssh prompt into my system when iTeleport has problems. This one has been withdrawn from the appel store and just scrashed when staring it.

But more about that in a later post.

So im now running ios9 on my ipad and seems to be happy with ut.

Next out now is to test my iphone also. But thats for tonight.

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