Bye-bye iSSH, hello prompt

Before i upgraded to ios9 i was using iSSH app for when i needed ssh into a server. I'm not really doing to much work over ssh directly but is mostly using vnc (iTeleport) to get a screen copy and using my normal desktop in meetings and when im out and about.

But the x11vnx server has a small enoying bug. If you get disconnected for some network error there is a chanse that the server will hang in a state where it will not accept new connections.

And in that case I have made the server so that you can kill it and it will restart. But then you need to get into the system, and I was using the iSSH program to do a ssh into the machine, kill the hanging vnc server and leeting it restart so taht I could connect again over vnc.

And when I upgraded to IOS9 over the weekend I found out that the old program I was using (iSSH) is not in ndevelopment any more, so I hade to find someting new.

I whent out ovet to google and did some searhing for ssh clients fo ipads and iphones. And the one that had most nice reviews was Prompt 2 from panic.

It has the posibility to use pivate keys, and importing them from the clipboard.

It also has some nice features for syncing settings between ios devices that was wounderfull. You just set up everyting on the ipad and then when you get the app running on the iphone, you just get all teh settings also.

The only thing it did not have is tunneling, but as iTeleport has its own ssh tunnel code thats not a problem any more.

So im now using Promtp 2 and is wery happy with it. Even if its a bit pricy.


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