Upgrade to Kubntu Karmic (9.10) from 8.04 – Part 1

So its time to take the plunge and upgrade. I will report what i found when i upgraded till Kubuntu 9.10 from my old 8.04 this week.

OBS – Do not start the upgrade before you read this part. It might fail totally.

First of all – make a backup. I was going to change my hard drive, so i used the command dd_resuce to clone my harddrive to a new drive. I pluged in my new drive as a USB2 device – yes i have a nice cable for that and issue the command:

OBS!! Make sure you check /var/log/messages so you ARE SURE that /dev/sdc is the right device for you. If you do this to the wrong disk it will overwrite the destination disk without any problem and destroy the content.

After this was done i removed my old boot disk and installed this new one and booted up. No problem. Started the upgrade and that was when things when wrong.

2 packages that I had installed on the old system did make the upgrade fail, or atleast one of them.

The 2 packages that was the problem was flashplugin-nonfree and libgl1-mesa-dev.

So i had to go back and start all over again. The new installatin was so screwed up that you could not remove the flashplugin-nonfree, and you could not fix it so I started over, copied the disk, removed the packages and started over and now it works.

So here are the tips what to do before you start.

Before Upgrading

1. First and formost, make a backup, or several.
2. if you have installed flashplugin-nonfree packages in the old system, please remove that.

3. If you have installed libgl1-mesa-dev in the old system, please remove that.

Then you can go ahead and start the upgrade. And you should in an hour or so have a new kde4 system up and running.

Things to go over in the following parts (And the status of it):

  • Get the bluetooth mouse to work (working).
  • Get the sound to work (working).
  • Get the nvidia advanced driver to work (working)
  • Get virtualbox to work (working)
  • Get vmware to work (working)
  • Get palm sync to work (working)
  • Get ipod sync to work (partly working)

I will now follow up this in more parts in the comming week. Most was easy to get working even of the nvidia driver took 1 days to fix due to some remaning stuff from old installation.

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