First glimpse of season 7 – welcome to Mol’Rihan

New Romulus here we come. Well this weekend was a tribble test weekend in star trek online. As some of you already know, I love star trek and I love online games, so STO or Startrek online is a good game for me. What more can you ask for than piloting your own starship in the Startrek universe and meeting all kind of aliens.

And a tribble Weekend means testing new stuff on the test server (the main server is called holodeck and the testserver is tribble). And this weekend we could the new sector lock, Tau Dewa. And the new romulan home world, Mol’Rihan.

Therese new sector is filling up the gap between the Psi Velorum sector block and the Pi Canis sector block.

It contains 3 sectors, azure sector, nimbus sector and narendra sector.

And in the nimbus sector you will find the new Romulus, Mol’Rihan in the old language.

You can go there or you can talk to the romulan ambassador outside the Adminrals Office on Earth Space dock or Inside the Great Asambly hall on Qo’noS. When you arrive at new Romulus and transport down there you will get an initial cut seen describing how the rolulan people is trying to rebuild the new roumlus world and needs a lot of help.

One can definitely see that STO now support cut seens more than before.

The new area is huge, and it took me just about 2 hours to get around all the new area.

There is a transport system, but you have to go to every point to record you pattern so that the transport system will know you. This is a great litte missions so that you have to go all around the different areas on New Romulus.


The new areas on new roumous are:

  • Staging Area
  • Paehhos Crate
  • Vastam Peaks
  • The Atlai
  • Hwael Ruins
  • Epohh Fields
  • Mountain Pass
  • Underground Ruins

I will take the next days and document what you can find in the new areas.

Many of the areas will have a daily mission that you can do to gain romulan marks for the new romulan reputation system. And there are tons of other stuff to find and explore.

Here is a quick list of what i have found so faar:

Staging Area

– Romulan Radiophysicist

– Romulan Vendor

– Romulan Historianm

– 1 or 2 daily missions.

Paehhos Crate

– Romulan Plnat Analyst – Glowing Plants

– Nael – daily mission

Vastam Peaks

– Romulan Rock Analyst – resonating stones

– Subcomander Avran – daily

– Romulan geologist

The Atlai

– Doctor Laraell – daily mission

Hwael Ruins

– Liutenant Ethara – daily mission

Epohh Fields

– Toreth – Daily mission

– Epohh research

All around the map you can find radiation areas that you can scan and get radiation reports, that you can hand in to the Romulan Radiophysicist at the staging area. If the rewars get the same as now on tribble, the best one to do is to hand in 300 as this is the best rewards (100 gives 5 marks, 200 gives 15 marks and 300 gives 30 marks).

Go my friends, get out there exploring, scan and experience the new area.


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