Ben Bova – Mars

 The next book in the Gnad tour series of Ben bova is the very good book called “Mars”

This is a book about half-Navajo geologist Jamie Waterman that has been selected for the ground team of the first manned expedition to Mars.

Jamie gets to be on the mission of a pure accident. The real geoligost has a kidney problem and has to be dropped of the mission. The plot is full of very goodcaracter portraits and has a quite involved story about the different men and woman that consists of the mission.

They have some misshapes and also some very good results of there expedition to mars.

As usual  Stefan Rudnicki makes and excellent narrative of the book and the tone he puts on the different characters makes it easy to follow the plot and enjoy the story without having to be told how is saying what.

The book is avaliable from audible.

A good book and well worth the read.

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