Version fascists

So what is a version fascist. Well they come in different flavors. First we have the package maintainer fascists. These are the presons that make computer packages for different distributions. And they specify the absolute latest version of everything, regardless of its needed or now. I have a problem with this as its hard to install stuff that way.

I have no problems with a program that requires a specific version of another package if you have a reason for it. For instance i am using opendnssec for signing and handling keys for dnssec and it requires sqlite version 3.3.9 or newer and the reason for this is that they have found bugs in the older versions. And then I don’t have any problems with that. Its a reason and its documented.

I also had an experience with a web designer for one other of my customers this week. This is the second flavor of version fascist. They had make a new website for my customer and on that page there fas a flash part for just changing images. You can do this in many ways but flash is one way. I think its overkill but its an OK option. But they demanded the latest version (or at least a newer version of flash that i had on my machine). And this for no reason.

Definitely bad. So i hope that people starts paying a bit attention to what they are demanding for websites and for packages.

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