STO Season 7 – Mol’Rihan – Hwael Ruins

Yesterday we where at the Atlai, and today we will head down to Hwael Ruins. This is the area to south west, just before the underground ruins and past the Epohh fields.

As usual, if you have done the “New Romulus Transportation System” mission you can just transport there. If you need to go there the easiest way is to head to the south west out of the Staging area, go through the Epohh fields and the enter Hwael Ruins..

When you come down from the path through the mountain pass, you will see the little camp, where Liutenant Ethara needs help here in the Hwael Ruins.

The daily mission is to Collect and turn in artefacts, Gather Archaeological data, place scanner, maintain security.

Collect and turn in artefacts

Around the Hwael Ruin area there are artefacts that you can collect and turn in for completion points. There are 3 different ones, but you dont need to get a set here, just turn in the individual ones.

Gather Archaeological data

All around Hwael Ruins there are – well you guessed it – ruins. And on some of them there are Archaeological devices that you can go up to and gather data.

place scanner

Another thing you can do is place scanners. There are markers around the area where you can put down scanners.

maintain security

And if you want to fight, there are tholians around the area also that you can fight go gather completion points.

That’s about it for the daily mission in Hwael Ruins. If you are doing the romulan transport system mission, dont foget to run down to the underground ruins and get you pattern scanned there to when you are near it.


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