Wine version 1.1.2

So most of you know that I’m playing EVE-Online on my machine and have been doing that on my Linux since I moved over over a year ago now. And it has been interesting and more or less very good.

When moving over to the new machine i installed Wine version 0.9.58 as this version worked and had almost no bugs. I have been trying new versions on and off when they come out but so far I haven’t found a newer version that was OK and worked well. So I stayed on 0.9.58. I have the Premium Graphics working and I can run 2 clients at the same time without the machine being to tired.

I did lock the version with both the synaptic package manager (package >> lock version) to lock it for synaptic but I also had to do a dpkg command to lock the adept package manager:

This was necessary for me so that the automatic updater would NOT update wine, but it was complaining all the time that there was a new release out there.

When I checked the updated today i saw that a new version of wine (1.1.2) was out there and after some checking on the forums it looked promising. So I decided to try it out. I just removed the hold of the application and let adept updated it:

and then run the updater.

And it works – evryting except one small thing is working as it should. The thing that isn’t working is that when i start up the wine and eve client i get s 10 pixels or so alignment problem of the screen. So this requires a bit more googeling. But one way to solve it it to press <ALT> + <ENTER> to that wine switched to full screen more and then so the same again so it goes back into window mode – that works.

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