Ben Bova – Grand Tour

 2 days ago I finished my last book if Robert Heinlein. I really loved the book “Time Enough for Love” and a bit sad when I now have read/or listen to all of his book. So now its time for a new serie.

This time i will listen to all of Ben Bovas Grand Tour books. I have listen to some of his books before, but this time I will do it in the right timeline for the books and here they are:

  1. POWERSAT (Tor Books 2005)
  2. EMPIRE BUILDERS (Tor Books, 1993)
  3. MARS (Bantam Books, 1992)
  4. MOONRISE (Avon Books, 1996)
  5. MOONWAR (Avon Books, 1998)
  6. RETURN TO MARS (Avon Books, 1999)
  7. THE PRECIPICE (Tor Books, 2001)
  8. JUPITER (Tor Books, 2001)
  9. THE ROCK RATS (Tor Books, 2002)
  10. THE SILENT WAR (Tor Books, 2004)
  11. THE AFTERMATH (Tor Books, 2007)
  12. SATURN (Tor Books, 2003)
  13. LEVIATHANS OF JUPITER (Tor Books, 2011)
  14. TITAN (Tor Books, 2006)
  15. MERCURY (Tor Books, 2005)
  16. MARS LIFE (Tor Books, 2008)
  17. VENUS (Tor Books, 2000)
  18. THE RETURN (Tor Books, 2009)

I have just stared on POWERSAT and its as good as his books are usually. Almost to the point where you dont whant to put them down.

Powersat name comes from teh fact that its about Power Satelites.

Dan Randolph, the CEO and creator of Astro Corp. has a dream of providing a desperate world with tons of energy; provided by solar satellites located in geosync orbit around the Earth, and wirelessly transferred. However, stubborn politicians, and oil companies make the way hard; but Dan has built a space plane that will drastically reduce transportation costs, making way for cheaper and easier constructed Powersats. But when the space plane blows up upon re-entering the atmosphere, Randolph is convinced that it may not be an accident; as a shadowy terrorist group threatens to bankrupt him, and even kill him

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