Moving over – part2

So its time to move over. After fiddling and getting most of the stuff working I am now moving over to the new system. I already told you how I got the xplanet over to get my background and the firefox setting. I still have some issues with the system and OS but that has to be solved during the trip. What’s relay left is:

  1. Sound system
  2. Camera
  3. Media card reader

But none if this is very urgent – even if the sound part is a bit annoying and has to be solved fairly soon. The sound bit seems to be a bit OK as I managed to get the sound working with my USB headset so that should be OK, and means that I can use the system for the normal uses I think, like all my different softphones. I do work quite a lot with IP telephony and not being able to test on my main production system would be hard.


As I’m now in the summerhouse on the west coast of Sweden I connect to the network over wlan. This means to get the knetworkmanager settings over. This will help you get all the configs and networks you have connected to over to the new installation.

knetworkmanager has its setting in the file .kde/share/config/knetworkmanagerrc so i checked it and the only thing in the new one was that it had a new version in the [General] sections so i copied over all the rest of the lines.


knetworkmanager also has all the passwords and so stored in a kwallet so i have to copy that settings over. The settings is in the .kde/share/config/knetworkmanagerrc and in .kde/share/apps/kwallet so i copied both tf hem over.

And then relogged in again and it just connected to the network. Nice.


Well one of the main things to get over is the kopete or MSN messenger program. Kopete gives you the possibility to connect to msn and other messenger server and I do uses that as everyone else. The god thing with this program its that it can connect to more than one system at the same time.

It uses kwallet to store its passwords but thats already take care of, so the only files here is .kde/share/apps/kopete and .kde/share/config/kopeterc and .kde/share/config/kopete.eventsrc so i copied all of that over and now kopete starts up nice and easy and connected to all messenger services as i had.

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