Upg. to kubuntu 10.10 – Install Kopete

As I said in my post earlier I have upgraded to Kubuntu 10.10 from 9.10. As I’m running kde that means that the messenger system you are using is kopete. Installing that is easy but moving over the config files is a bit more hassle as its a bit spread out and its also using kwallet to store some information.

As this means copying over the config files for kwallet, this is one ting that needs to be done before you use kwallet for something else.

So after installing, if you did not get it installed by default, you need to copy over the files.

(cd ../CD/jan_old; tar cf - .kde/share/apps/kopete)|tar xvf -

(cd ../CD/jan_old; tar cf - .kde/share/apps/kwallet)|tar xvf -

(cd ../CD/jan_old; tar cf - .kde/share/config/kopete*)|tar xvf -

And now you can start up kopete and it should connect to your im accounts.

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