Asterisk agi dial hangup problem

Today I had a very interesting problem. I have a asterisk box that are running a special AGI program. Among other things it does is to, under the AGI control dial into a conferense (meetme). We are in the process of upgrading this and somewere from 1.4 to 1.8 the hangup processing changed.

What happening was that when you where done with the conference call and quitted that you got a hangup for that call leg from the AGI to the conference call – all ok. But in the new version of 1.8 the original call leg (incoming sip to AGI) also got a hangup call and that totally screwed up the application.

After quite some reading and googling i found out that I could solve the problem by adding the ‘g’ option to the dial command from the AGI.

In this way it solved the problem. The call leg from the agi to the conference call got the hangup but the “real” call leg did no.

Problem solved.

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