Paying for file sharing?

I have many times said that I think that most people are honest if they can be so. For a reasonable fee, i would belive that most people with be willing to pay for the media you are using.

And there is now not only 1 report but 2 from slashdot that confirms that.

Like this weeked, I have downloaded a copy of Avatar from pirtebay. Is that becuase I whant to sneakpreview the movie or that I would like to watch it without paying for it.

Not at all.

I did buy the DVD version last week, and I have now even bought the BlueRay version just to have that for the future when I can watch BlueRay disks. But the DVD reading software in ubuntu is failing to play the DVD, and then I dont think its unreasonable for me to download a version that I can watch on the computer.

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