Upg. to kubuntu 10.10 – Install pulseaudio extras

As I said in my post earlier I have upgraded to Kubuntu 10.10 from 9.10. In 10.10 the pulseaudio system is more integrated in all applications and is quite good – in my opinion, but that also means that some of the “old” programs are not installed.

Some of the old pulseaudio volume control can be done with the kmixer application (like moving sound to different sinks) but to config pulseaudio to use rtp sink (and I’m using that to recored audiobooks) you need the padevchooser program (or specifically the pepref program.

So you need to install some more pulseaudio extra programs.

sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

sudo apt-get install paman

This will install the pulseaudio volume controll and paman that will install all the pulseaudio manager programs (like papref and padevchooser).

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