STO: Mission – Diplomatic Orders

The first real mission I did ingame when I had the system up and running as a full game was the Diplomatic Orders mission.

I should probably have done some of the small ones before, like the “New Order”, “New Officer”, “Skill Trainer”, “Medical Attention”, “Out of Commission” and “A Difficulty Desition” as all of them ar running around meting up with different persons/officers in Earth Space dock. All extreamly easy, but you need to make them to get them out of the way. There is an excelent interactive map of Earth space dock at I did these a bit later but they are not much to talk about

But back to Diplomatic order.

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Where No One has Gone Before

So I have started to play StarTrek Online. As I got it working on my PC with wine (see last post) I am now spending some time in thre Tratrek Universe and running missions amd doing research and so on.

I will document and describe my adventures here in the blog so it you see STO: in the tittle you know that its about StarTrek Online.

Startrek Online under wine

Startrek Online has been out for a while now and I have been thinking of perhaps testing it. I read a bit about in on WineHQ and it seemd that it should run under Wine without to much problems. So i decided to have a go at it.

Downloading the game

I decided to start the thing by trying the Demo game you can donwload and try.

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Efter att alla dykt upp och sovit, dom kom ju ganska sent, så åke vi och handlade. En sväng in till Torp. Sen var det middage och lite slöande.

Torsdagen var en ganska regnig dag till att starta med och det är ju tur att huset är stort och rymmligt så att alla kan vara inne och titta på tv eller så när det är regnigt.

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