I hate hardware

I think I hate hardware. I understand that when I get a new laptop, its brand new and a lot of the new hardware in it is in beta releases or very new and I do get into problems getting it to work. OK. I can accept that.

But when old things – like my palm – starts acting up without any reason, i really just hate it.

So in the middle of all work with getting the new laptop up and running, I now cant sync my palm any more. I have not really done anything with the Palm T3 I have for ages and on Monday I was syncing it as usually and I get an error on the palm and the sync fails. Its when it tries to sync the memos, and I kind of need that as I’m using that to transfer my drivers journal.

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Installing Kubuntu 8.04

So the Vista Rescue DVDs are made and I can install the “REAL” operating system on the laptop. Hurray.

Just to make it easy for searching – The laptop is a ACER Aspire 8920.

Booting up the system is not hard – just go in and Change to bootorder so that th DVD/CD is fist and the machne nice and easy boots up the kubuntu x64 DVD.

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A new laptop arrives

So its time for a new laptop. The old one has realy no problems and is working nicely. I had to replace the fan in it last X-mas and that was an interesting experience in itself.

The warranty had expired by that time and being out of a laptop for 1-2 weeks while they where investigating the laptop was not a option, so they helped me and pointed me to the acer parts website where i could get the part and change it myself. Excellent. So this tiem it will be a new ACER.

After looking at different models for a while i decided to get a ACER Aspire 8920. Quite a nice machine, 18″ screen – HDTV resolution 1920 x 1080) and 500gb disk. Nice. Will last for a while.

Trying to buy it without Vista was really not and option so I had to get the vista with it. Well that will not be on the system for long.

So fist thing is to get the Rescue DVD’s made. Wow – 2 DVD almost fully to do the recovery – well noting to do – start the work and burn it.

Thats the last ting done in Vista on this machine.

Another Webblog

So everyone else is writing blogs. Is it time for me to start to? Well I have been thinking about it for quite some time and I guess its time for me to start to.

I have just gotten myself a new laptop and I think that writing about my way to get it to work might be a god start for all of you.

I will mix writings about the laptop and my personal life as everyone else is doing and I hope you all will enjoy the writings. Comments are allways welcome.

A lot of the personal stuff will be written in swedish but I will make the mages with small swedish flag so if you dont read swedish you can skipp that 🙂