padevchooser won’t start

Today I’m down it the summerhouse and as im mowing lawns I decided to convert some of my audiobooks.

So I fired up Virtualbox and started my itunes in there. Then i decided to check the route to my spekaers and clicked on the pulseaudio applet. But wait its not in the taskbar.

Not to much to worry about. Chose it from the menu and start it. And it won’t start up. What the

So I fired up a terminal windows and tried to start it from there. And the error message I got was:

OK – Not to obvious. Google to teh rescue. And after reading 2 or 3 pages or different things I found the problem.

Its the avahi-daemon that isn’t started. And what is avahi then. Well its a deamon that helps you discover printer, people tochat with and so on, on the local network. And for some reason it wasn’t started.

So i checked the status of ith with the comand:

And got back:

I then started it with:

(If you whant to check that its running after that you can do status again and will get avahi-daemon start/running, process 9228 as a result)

And now padevchooser starts as it should.

If you still has a problem starting up avahi-daemon, you could trie to remove the status/lock file with:

That might help. and the do the start again.

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