Quantum crypto broken ?

In an article in Slashdot today i read about quantum cryptology and that they might have fond a way to hack it.

Well its realy not the encryption that is hacked but a way to get around the error detections in it.

Quantum cryptology is based around the concept that you cant read a state of a quantum bit without destroying it and that makes it almost unbreakable, because if you would intercept and read the bits you would destroy them, kind of, and introduce error. So that the sender and receiver would know that its been tampered with. But there are some errors introduced during tranfer and during creation so aparently a 20% error is the limit.

But now some sientist has shown that you can read part of the message and only introduce 19.7% errors so you stay under the limit.

Im shure that it will be fixed, but its interesting to se how much works is put into quantum cryptology.

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