Web access to a virtualbox machine

This week I have been to a course in OpenDNSSEC – the nice new tool for signing domains that IIS has developed, and that really is going to make deployment of dnssec a lot more easy. And to be able to run a number of machines – all with Linux – we where using virtualbox to run each of them on a laptop per group. This is a nice setup and works well. If you set it up right.

For the network you are normally using NAT network if you are running a guest OS, but to be able to access the machines you should use a BRIDGET network in this setup. But on my home machine I am using virtualbox also, but there I prefer that its a NAT one as I dont realy whant people from the outside to be able to access the machine.

In most cases. There are some instances where I would like to get to it from the outside, like when I am running my route planner for EVE Online. That one has a nice browser that you can access to ingame and with the IGB suport it will help you plan the route – show JumpBridges and so on. So I would like to get that to work.

So how do you forwards ports to virtualbox.

This will create a “tunnel” from port 8080 on the “real” machine to port 80 on the guest os.

When you have done this you need to shutdown the virtualbox machine and start it again. Just a reboot will not do.

Now you can point a webbrowser to and you will access the virtalbox os.

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