Upgrade to Kubuntu Karmic (9.10) from 8.04 – Part 6 – Fixing thunderbird openning links

One other thing that really enoyed me when moving over to 9.10 was that links in thunderbird open the wrong browser. As firefox is a nice browser but it takes for ever to start, I have started to use chrome as my web-browser. and I am fairly happy with it. Its stable and works well. But when I am running thunderbird (mail-client) and get a mail with a link in, I would prefere that it open chrome. As it was it opens firefox.

After googleing something about it i found the solution. First you have to make some changes to thunderbird.

Go into the config editor:

Then adding two new config strings:


and setting them both to the value ‘x-www-browser’.

That will tell thunderbird to use the debian alternative system for what to start when following a link. So when this done it will now open konqurer as the broswer – not really what I wanted.

No we need to fix the alternative system. This is done with the command:

and select chrome as you default bowser. For me that was number 2. And now thunderbird will open the links in chrome.

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