Getting virtualbox to work

So on friday I updated my system with the latest patches. And all went well untill i tried to start virtualbox and the windows programs im using there. No luck – a big warning and it stoped and said that the kernel module was not started. 🙁

So off to google a nd there is a bug and the odule for virtualbox has not compiled and been added to the repositories.

Found some sites talking about that you can download and make one yourself. And when trying that the command fails.

What i did trie was

But the build in the end failed.  I got some weird asambler error in the end. So i did some thinking and thought of getting the source out and build it manually to see what the problem is. So i did:

That will unpack the sourve in /usr/src/modules/virtualbox-ose. So i cd there and tred a

to se whats going wrong. And t comples – weird. Well lets test and install it:

and that works to – except that i make some complains about autoconf.

So i tested and loaded the module:

And it loaded the module. And now i have virtualbox working again.


sudo module-assistant unpack virtualbox-ose-source

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