Mac – don’t sleep – theine

So I have this new mac and its very nice, but sometimes you just down whant it to start sleeping or even to start the screensave. Like when you ate holding a presentatione or someting.

And yes you can change the settings i assume, but there is a better way – the small program theine.

theineThere is an old program (and freewhare called caffeine) that I guess is the precursor to this one. This one – theine – is in the appstore and not very pricy.

It has nice features for hadeling retina-display and also for OS X Dark mode.

You download and install via the appstore, and start it.

I start with right clicking on the icon and go into setting and klick on that you whant it to outostart (Launch at login). I also prefers that it will start in left click.

The you just click on it when you whant it to keep you screen on.


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