I have been “appled”

So as part of me being employed by IIS full time I have gotten a work computer. I hade to choose from an windows PC och a mac book. And I decided to go with a mac book. So now I am with a mac book.

I now have a fancy new Mac book pro with a very nice 15 inch screen.

And I now have to learn new ways and new keyboard commands for a lot of my work.

Part of the work we do is on office, so outlook is the main mailer at work. This was pre-installed at work already, so that was not painfully. The only thing was to get the signature. Apparently that was not transfered over, so I hade to set a new one.

And that takes a bit work to find. I haven't found any way on the normal screen to configure it.

You have to go in and start writing a new message, and then you have the option to configure it.

So you will see a lot of new post about my work on getting the Mac the way I want.


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