Insert a pdf into WordPress 2.7

So you have a new and nice wordpress install and you just typing way and desides to insert a pdf file. Easy – well so I thought.

In the old version you just inserted the pdf and it worked. Some days ago I was updating a website ( with a couple of new documents and for my life I could not get it to work.

After doing some testing and surfing and googeling i found out that the problem does exisist when upgrading from an erlier version of wordpress and also its someting that, once you fixed it, will go away.

What happends is that you insert the pdf as usuall and it works perfectly. You upload the file and it gets into the Media library but there will be no link from the page to the file.

Here is the problem:


The Link URL is empty – and in the previous version it seems to fill this in automatically even when it was empty.

The very simple solution is to click on the File URL button below and then Insert into post and it will work. And in the future it will remember this also, so it will be fixed for the future.

Simple and easy – once you know!

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