Still no luck with palmsync

I am still fighting with my palm and syncing. The visor module is still not working and I needed to get my memos over or synced. I am using a palm program to keep track om my car mileage and I need to get that over.

I’m using the Trip Deux program and have been using it for many years now. Some time ago i found out that the easiest way to get this to work under Linux is to export the month driving entries to a csv file in the memopad and get that into excel / well open office. But now I have a problem as my sync is not fully working.

So I did some more invenstigating in the pilot-link package and there is a program for manipulation the memopads exntries. So im running this command:

This will get all the entries out of the palmpilot and I can then get the memo i whant from the Unfiles categorei/directory.

The only small thing is to edit the datefield as it will inport wrong if not having a full year (2008) instead of 08.

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